Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Bucket List...

Fall is here!  My favorite season and it passes by so quickly.  It is difficult to get everything in and get the most of each and every day, especially the weekends!  So much to do, so little time.
Everyone should have a bucket list!  I started one at an airport when traveling home from vacation.  There were three teenage girls sitting in the terminal across from me and one had a notebook in hand while they shared fabulous ideas of things they wanted to do and places they wanted to see.  I was facinated and wished I had such an experience with my friends so many years ago.  It would have been fun to reflect back and see what we have accomplished.  Oh well...too late for the young and ambitious ready to take over the world approach.  My list began about two years ago and expands on things I have done, explores the possibility of new adventures and experiences.  Some simple and just take a little time and effort, while some are complex, cost money, and won't be happening anytime soon.  I love having stuff to look forward to and taking time to dream.

So here is my Fall Bucket List!

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